New Product Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy is one of the best ways to get quality highly targeted traffic. Not only will you benefit from being listed in the most viewed categories you can also make it to the most published article category too. But more on that later. Lets get right to it. I will list out 8 secrets that done correctly will help you dominate the article directories and get lots of traffic. XXBR2 1. Top Copy – Of course you need to have something relevant and intriguing to say. Write from the heart but do not ramble. Get to the point fast and offer value. Sometimes you need to offer information you would normally charge for. XXBR2 2. Organize Your Article – The way you layout your article is actually very important. You need to make your article readable by the skimmers. Most people have short attention spans even when they need to learn something. Make your article stick out. Use bullet points and start new lines for important sections, words, or sentences. XXBR2 3. Wondering Eyes – Now everyone has wondering eyes. So take advantage of this trait. Use Bold, italic, and if allowed small pictures or emotion icons. Highlight words through out your article that tell their own story. Your skimmers will see these words and get the picture. Your main goal is to get the reader all the way through the article to your resource box and clicking your links to find out more. XXBR2 4. Keywords So, are Key – Do a little keyword research. Write your article using the keywords you find and sprinkle them through out your article. Place the keyword in the title, body, and resource box. Definitely use the keyword as an anchor text in your resource box. XXBR2 5. Internal Back linking – The large article directories have hundreds of thousands and some millions of article in their database. This creates a whole lot of back link opportunity for you. Your goal is to get into the categories that will deliver the most Article Marketing Strategy to your article then your website. Most of the large article directories have categories such as most viewed article and most published. These tends to be difficult to get into but the pay off is sweet. More on that later. XXBR2 6. Generate Article Traffic – In order to get into those special categories you need people to come view your article. This is where your backlinking skills come into play. But I would first start by telling all of your friends that you have a great article that they should go and view. You can republish your article whereever you would often get some back links generated for your article. You need to pick places where you can generate views of your article. One great place is social networking sites. Especially ones that allow you to have a blog. XXBR2 7. Faster Approval – Online you will here a lot of people say take action. But taking action sometimes takes time. Well we all know time is money. So to help get that money you will need to take advantage of the faster approval methods these article directories give you. Most of these options cost money. If you can afford it, do it. its worth it. The faster you are approved the faster you can get working on your traffic and the faster you get paid. XXBR2 8. Promotion – I touched a little on this in tip 6 but I need to be more specific. I mentioned use social networking sites to republish your approved article but what social networking sites you ask. Here’s a few. Start with If you have not heard of get familiar. This site allows individuals like yourself and I to create our own social networking site. Ning is a great resource to place your republished articles. Not only will you get a backlink to your original article you will be grabbing the attention of the members of the ning site you just joined. It is a win win. Check out the warrior forum (do a Google search) and search for lists of do follow bookmarking sites and social networking sites. These lists will work wonders for you. XXBR2